How to choose a landing net

How to Choose Landing Net At Valley Sports we offer suggestions on how to choose landing net for the species, size of fish and type of fishing you are doing. We offer the standard nylon mesh net but we also have the new rubber coated mesh and rubber landing nets. The rubber landing nets are the best choice if you are fishing catch and release. The rubber landing nets will not harm the fish and are tangle proof. We have extended reach nets where the handles extend or collapse for easy storage. Study the below information and choose the landing net that is best for you application    We have the EGO S2 Slider landing nets. 

10 Questions to Ask Before Making Your Next Landing Net Purchase:

  1. Which landing net brands provide the best value for the features offered?
  2. Does the manufacturer of the brand stand behind their product by offering defect warranties and money-back satisfaction guarantees?
  3. Does the landing net’s weight and balance enhance the usability of the product?
  4. If accidentally dropped, will the net float so it can be easily retrieve?
  5. Can the landing net be efficiently controlled if used in a one-handed situation.
  6.  Does the design of the yoke system (hoop/handle assembly) add strength to the union of the hoop and handle without compromising product weight?
  7. Are there sharp edges or angles exposed from screws and/or other surfaces that could fray or cut your line?
  8. Is the hoop wide enough to appropriately handle the targeted fish species size and fight characteristics?
  9. Is the mesh bag depth designed to adequately handle the targeted fish species but not so excessive that fish and baits get easily tangled?
  10. Does boat size allow for comfortable storage or placement of the particular net I am interested in purchasing?
 Targeted Species
The hoop, yoke, handle and mesh design should be carefully considered to ensure the net will adequately handle your targeted fish species.
 Handle Selection
Fishing style – Do you perfer to fight the fish right to the boat (shorter handle) or rather surface the fish and net it away from the boat (longer handle)?
Lake or River – Consider longer handle lengths for lake fishing and short handle options for river/stream fishing.
Boat type – Consider your boat for storage space and the gunnel height.
Material – Consider the material from which the handle is made. Usually an octagonal shaped anodized aluminum handle will provide the best durability, strength and weight ratio for the product. In addition, fiberglass composite and certain wood types can be used in quality handle construction.
 Mesh Type
Nylon/Coated Nylon – If you fish to keep, a nylon or coated nylon mesh is recommended. It’s lightweight, UV resistant, hook resistant and cost effective.
Rubber – If you enjoy catch-and-release fishing, a rubber mesh is recommended. It’s soft on fish scales, gills and doesn’t remove natural slime from fish.
Knotless – If you are a trout fisherman or prefer river/stream fishing, a knotless mesh is recommended. It’s lightweight and soft on fish scales and gills.
 Mesh Size
For Delicate fish such as brook trout a small, micro-mesh (3/16 inch mesh grid) is recommend.
For bigger fish species such as Bass, Walleye and Redfish a heavier mesh with larger grid size (1 inch mesh grid) is recommended.
NOTE – the larger the mesh grid size the less water drag resistance.
 Mesh Bag Depth
Select a mesh bag depth that will adequately handle your targeted fish species but does not have excessive material for fish and lures to get tangled in.
Hoop design plays an important role in efficient use of a net. A slight scoop on the end of the hoop aids in pulling the fish into the net. Also, the width at the top of the hoop must be adequate to handle the targeted fish species. The proper use of a landing net will reduce the need for an extremely wide and bulky hoop.
NOTE – wider is not necessarily better.
Yoke Design
Yoke design should add strength to the hoop/handle assembly without compromising product weight. Also, yoke systems that are designed to eliminate sharp edges and angles while providing a functional gripping area can aid in net control.

The Ego Landing Nets feature Unique scoop design that aids in fish landing process.  Extruded aluminum with a black anodized finish.



Handles on the Ego Landing Nets ar octagonal extruded aluminum with a black anodized finish and Angle reinforced to provide superior strengths.


Functional grip aids in net control, Eliminates bulk yoke assemblies, Eliminates sharp edges and angles and Protects mono line from being frayed.


The Ego Landing Nets feature Non-Tangle Hook Free UV resistant nylon, rubber coated nylon or rubber. Light weight with minimal water drag. [ezcol_1half]Nylon Mesh[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Rubber mesh[/ezcol_1half_end][ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end][/ezcol_1half_end]