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lamiglas_med_logoIf you don’t have one, get one and feel the confidence!!!!

Fish with confidence. It’s not just a tag line. It’s a mindset. A state of ultimate contentment achieved only when every factor within your control is controlled with absolute flawlessness. The cast. The presentation. The strike detection. The hook set. The fight. And the victory dance.

This kind of foresight comes with every Lamiglas Rod built. Exactly how we incorporate this element of confidence is outlined in great detail on this page. But it’s perhaps best explained by the tens of thousands of anglers out there who already possess it. Look for them next time you’re on the water. They’re the ones with fish in the nets and confidence written all over their faces.

While the actions of each one of the over 300 Lamiglas models vary, the reactions we get from anglers rarely does. Unless you’ve had the pleasure of browsing through our catalog in the past, you probably didn’t realize the diversity of our selection. Lamiglas is, as most anglers know, a specialty rod manufacturer. Yet, as most anglers don’t know, our specialty is variety.

When you’ve been dedicated to a trade for as long as Lamiglas, over 50 years, you become masters of the craft. The process of building the perfect rod for one fishery isn’t so much about knowing “how” to build a quality rod (that’s a given,) it’s about knowing the exact characteristics that anglers require to maximize their success. Researching, testing, prototyping, and actually fishing every concept for a rod that comes through our door is one of the major attributes that separates Lamiglas from the others. And over the years, there’s been no shortage of concepts.

Geat a Lamiglas Rod, and fish with confidence!!!!

Lamiglas has learned that it takes this level of commitment to survive in an industry so saturated with choices, but making the choice easiest for you is our primary goal. Whatever passion or opportunities you wish to explore, there’s always a Lamiglas rod, and in most cases several, to maximize your experience. You might not need them all today, but when that day comes, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

Lamiglas Salmon/Steelhead Rods

SI Series
The Lamiglas Si Series is innovative new technology salmon and steelhead anglers highly regard as the best of the best. The Si Series delivers greater sensitivity by using extremely small diameter blanks. The Lamiglas Si series also features titanium K-frame guides and exposed blank reel seats. You asked for more. We delivered. The all-new Lamiglas Si 98 MC is a long, unbelievably sensitive casting rod unlike any other. The Si 106 MS is a long float rod that will have steelhead junkies singing its praises after the first cast.

There is no limit to what this Lamiglas Infinity collection of salmon and steelhead rods can do. A new construction technique allowed us to build these rods with the highest end components and blanks, yet keep the cost affordable. Their polished blank finish and bold highlights are instantly recognizable. Beauty aside, performance is where the Infinity series shines. The perfect rods for floating jigs, bobber-dogging, drift fishing, back-bouncing or tossing spinners are all here. Many are also quite versatile, being able to effectively handle a wide variety of techniques. Take a look. Better yet, take a feel. These are truly rods that can last a lifetime.

Certified Pro Kwik
Expect kwik results from these Lamiglas Certified Pro Kwik rods. The XCC 934 and XCC 1064’s have taken over the professional guide community as the ultimate trolling rods. Long, soft and forgiving, these rods allow trolled, back-trolled plugs and bait to produce more action. The XCC 965 is a stout rod for fishing heavy lead in big rivers or the salt. The XCC 885 is the perfect wobbler rod for fall chinook. Most models feature our popular graphite handles (GH) for comfort and extreme durability. All models feature Fuji reel seats and Fuji Concept Guide System

Redline The Lamiglas Redline excels in action, versatility and durability. They are finely tuned tools at a lower price-point. These hold up to the rigors of fishing while offering great tip action and a sleek design. There are numerous models available – great steelhead spinning options, salmon boat models and some powerful spinning models. In creating these rods, we were dead set on doing what has never been done before. These are not “new” rods with different cosmetics. These are handmade using a completely new production technique and graphite interlace system that simply hasn’t been technically possible until now. The mandrels used to build the blanks were custom made. Several different types of graphite materials and resins were combined to perfect the desired actions. We’ve incorporated composite graphite handles for extreme durability and longevity. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All models now available with graphite handles!
These Lamiglas X-11 rods are sophisticated tools, exhibiting astonishing sensitivity and control, with highly focused affordability. We’ve selected deep press chrome guides, constructed of stainless steel. The combination of their deep pressed ring design and finish allows these guides to hold up to the most rigorous of fishing conditions. Exposed reel seats provide additional sensitivity and feel, while the glossy merlot color, IM graphite blanks are strikingly beautiful. One year limited warranty

Classic Glass
These Lamiglas Classic Glass rods are for the plug pullers, backtrollers, herring trollers and downrigger anglers that excel on the water by keeping it simple. The premise behind moderate action glass rods is simple: if you allow a fish to get a firm hold of your bait or lure, the result will be a solid hook-up. And most often it really is just that simple. Traditional styling makes these rods all-around winners.

Bass Rods

Infinity Bass
On the tour. Always on the job. High technology combines with 60 years of Lamiglas experience to create the Lamiglas Infinity Bass Series. Infinity Graphite composite blanks made with resins can achieve incredible strength, durability and sensitivity, while enabling the lightest weight designs. Combined with deep pressed titanium guides, Fuji reel seats and counterbalanced woven graphite handles, the new Infinity series sets a higher standard.

XP Bass
With a Pro X Lamiglas Bass rod in your hand you will experience a confidence and sense of precision. These extremely small diameter graphite blanks give the old standby techniques a serious edge, while allowing the newest hypersensitive rigs and tackle to perform as designed. Deep pressed guides with zirconia inserts are as tough as they come. Top quality cork split grips and new Fuji Exposed blank ACS trigger reel seats let you feel every quiver. Lamiglas XP’s span the range for every conceivable approach.
Flip jigs, cast spinnerbaits, fish plastics, feel the bottom, feel the bite. The XP Bass series is MADE IN AMERICA and built to Fish With Confidence!

Infinity Freshwater. Put more “sport” into your trout and panfish sportfishing. These Lamiglas Infinity Freshwater Ultra Light rods add a spike of adrenaline with even small fish on the line. Using the same graphite composite as our premium salmon and steelhead rods, this highly advanced resin system achieves incredible strength, durability and sensitivity. These rods are so incredibly light it’s spooky. But don’t worry about them spooking the fish, the blank diameter is so small they won’t ever see you coming. Graphite handles round out the package.

Ultra Light
These Lamiglas ultra-light, progressive action rods will maximize your enjoyment of kokanee and trout, along with your hook-to-land ratio. Drawn from a number of rod families, the GC 792 UL is a G1000 model and the FC 76 UL and CG 70 DR are fiberglass rods. The CGR 802 L is the new Jared Johnson 8? signature rod that’s perfect for widening your trolling spread.

Certified Pro Striper
For stripers on the troll, the Lamiglas Certified Pro Striper series are the go-to rods, with the XCC705 and XCC795 leading the pack, for this productive new technique. Designed by striper guru, Mark Wilson, these are familiar honey colored, fiberglass tipped rods depicted in countless trophy photos. Top quality cork split grips and new Fuji exposed blank ACS trigger reel seats finish these models with perfection

X-11 Freshwater
All the value and performance of Lamiglas X-11 Series for salmon and steelhead are paired down to specialty applications for smaller species like trout, bass, walleye, panfish and kokanee. These fast action blanks feature our durable IM graphite and deep pressed guides with zirconia inserts. The darker maroon color sets a very nice contrast between the reel seat and premium cork handles. (One Year Limited Warranty

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