Mustang Information


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Recreational boating, freshwater fishing, ocean fishing, fly fishing, what ever the reason you are on the water or near the water, there is no better personal floatation device for your safety than a US Coast Guard Approved Mustang Survival PFD.

Mustang Survival makes products, life jackets, float coats and survival suits, that work with your fishing or boating needs while delivering quality, comfort, functionality, and most importantly, safety.  Mustang Survival’s outer shell is made of a superior quality high tenacity nylon yarn. This means improved ultra violet protection and longer product life. Mustang’s nylon outer shell greatly exceeds US Coast Guard’s UV specifications.

Many Mustang products are interlined with exclusive AirSoft closed cell foam. Air Soft provides buoyancy and hypothermia protection in the water, in case of an emergency, and reliable insulation to help keep you warm on deck. The AirSoft interliner is specially bonded around all seams to form an effective protective barrier against the elements.
Mustang Survival has done extensive research to understand cold water survival. We know that many factors will effect how long you can survive at sea. Mustang products are designed to give you the best chance of Survival in an emergency. The length of time a person can survive in cold water primarily depends on both the water’s temperature and the thermal insulation of the victim’s protective clothing.