Sea Eagle Boat Info

Valley Sports offers the affordable high quality Sea Eagle Boats. These tough high quality inflatable boats have a 3 year factory warranty.  We’ve been selling them for about 4 years and had No Warranty issues other than a couple of paddles.  No issues with the boats.

Whatever you do on the water Sea Eagle Boats has got an Inflatable Boat or Inflatable Kayak that’s perfect for you.
With the available packages of Sea Eagle inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks from Valley Sports, you’ll be able to find the right inflatable boat or inflatable kayak for whatever you enjoy.
Pick your Sea Eagle Boat and call us (360-757-8171) for your package price or for more information.

Sea Eagle Boats has a broad range of great inflatable boats for fishing, ranging from the affordable Motormount Boats available in 9’7″ to 12’4″  models, the “Green Machine” 9′ one person 285 Frameless Pontoon to the patented FoldCat Inflatable PontoonBoat available in a 12’4″ model. All of these great boats offer Sea Eagle quality and reliability. Get Yours here at Valley Sports. Call 360-757-8171 for price. If we are busy leave a message and we will call you back.

Whitewater Kayaking
For action packed whitewater paddling, there’s nothing like the Explorer Kayaks available in a 12’6″ or 14″ model. Used for river trips around the world, this line of Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks has the strength for Class 4 rapids and the comfort for long river trips.  Not sure how rapids are rated check out our rating guide here.

Weekend Getaways The Sea Eagle 330 is the perfect boat for spontaneous weekend trips it weighs just 26 lbs and fits in a small bag.

The Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Series boats with Rigid Inflatable Keel can take large outboard motors, so all kinds of watersports are open to you. Three models available from 10’6″ rated for 5 adults to 14′ rated for 7 adults.

The most Versatile Boat on the Water
The Sea Eagle PaddleSki Catamaran/Kayak is Five Boats in One! At 14′ this Sea Eagle PaddleSki is great for any of the above you want to use it for.  Sea Eagle FastTrack Inflatable Kayaks
Sea Eagle FastTrack inflatable kayaks were born to explore large lakes with secluded islands, long meandering rivers, intimate salt marshes with winding water passages, inland bays, hidden ocean coves. The secret of this new design is the outside drop stitch keel in the bow and the large skeg in the stern. These features combine to limit (the sideways movement when using a double end paddle) of this kayak and create unparalleled on the water.

When the paddler takes a paddle stroke on the left or right side, the drop stitch keel in bow acts as a block against the natural yaw of the kayak while the skeg keeps the kayak tracking forward. This propels the kayaker forward more efficiently because the natural yaw of the kayak is contained – resulting in greater speed and a straighter course – in other words, the fastest way is the straightest line.